The Algarve

The Algarve

If you’re looking for a little bit of fun and sun and you’d like to experience the beauty and charm of an exotic locale that doesn’t bust your vacation budget, you’ll love learning more about Southern Portugal’s Algarve region. This glorious resort area features sunshine twelve months of the year, and it also boasts gorgeous, pristine beaches that flank azure Atlantic waters.

Whether you’re fond of outdoor exploring or enjoy taking in tranquil vistas from the comfort of a cushioned chaise-longue, you’ll likely adore everything that the Algarve has to offer. The area features distinctive Moorish (Berber/Arab/African) influences, so local buildings and homes are truly something to see. If you’ve got a taste for the romantic, exotic and unfamiliar, you’ll appreciate the splendor of the Algarve’s many North African-inspired dwellings, places of worship, and ornate courtyards.

Since the weather is almost always fine in the Algarve, it’s become a prime vacation region for Brits and other tourists who are used to living under greyer skies. While holidaying in the Algarve, you may enjoy rounds of golf, horseback riding, and water sports, while being surrounded by the region’s fragrant orange groves, almond trees and unique villages.

Nightlife is also a thriving industry in this Portuguese resort area, so you won’t need to spend your evenings in your hotel or rental villa (unless you want to). Some people who visit the Algarve fall in love with the area and then choose to buy real estate in the region. Time-shares or full ownership of villas and other properties are possibilities, and there are already many expatriates of the British Isles and other colder countries residing happily in this sun-soaked, southernmost part of Portugal.

Central Portugal’s Evora Region Has Plenty of Relaxed Appeal

Central Portugal is also stunning. In particular, the Evora region holds great appeal, as it’s definitely off of the beaten track in terms of the Algarve most frequented destinations. If you prefer to avoid “touristy” areas and spend your time exploring quieter sections outside of the Algarve, you’ll appreciate this lovely Portuguese locale.

When visiting Vilamoura, be sure to take in the beauty of Vilamoura Marina, which is the main social hub of this stunning area.

Loaded with fun restaurants and charming shops, this tranquil setting gets a little wilder when the sun goes down, as bar staff and other nightlife business personnel usher adult guests through their doors. Even at its busiest, Vilamoura has a super-relaxed vibe that is very appealing, soothing, and energizing. Vilamoura is also known for its exceptional golf courses, so do consider booking a round while vacationing in this resort area.

If you’re on a budget, look for cheap villa rentals or package vacation deals that offer you big savings on quality services, such as flights, hotels, and resort activities. Also, if saving cash is important to you, you may wish to travel to the Algarve during off-seasons, where rates are lower. In general, spending time in the Algarve will cost more during the summer, which is the “high season” for tourists.

As you can see, a vacation in the Algarve may be as relaxing or action-packed as you like, and you will marvel at the natural and man-made beauty that is everywhere around you. So why not book your own holiday to this popular destination today?